Arts and cultural activities inspire us and enrich our lives. They are a vital part of the colorful and unique fabric of the Mile High City. We support many of our community’s outstanding arts organizations that make performances, exhibitions and other cultural experiences meaningful and available to a wide range of people, including programs and projects targeted at schools, through free or reduced admission to artistic and cultural activities and other special arts and cultural activities.


Children deserve a chance to lead healthy, happy and productive lives. By providing opportunities and activities for children and youth to grow, we make our city strong and our future brighter. We strive to ensure that young people in our community have every opportunity to succeed through effective youth development programs both in and out of school.


Knowledge and the ability to read are essential ingredients for building a better society. Supporting programs that provide educational opportunities and literacy instruction is a key part of our mission to better the lives of those in need.


The care and provision of basic services to those in need is an important element of Denver Post Community’s mission. Helping people access the services and programs they need enriches all of us. These grants support organizations that provide a variety of assistance that meet the basic needs of people who need it the most.