Emily Griffith is Turning 100!

To celebrate its milestone, the Emily Griffith Foundation and the Emily Griffith Technical College are presenting a yearlong community celebration, “Opening Doors of Opportunity for 100 Years.” They have planned an engaging array of events over the coming year and invite everyone to join in the celebration.

Emily Griffith opened the nation’s first public adult vocational school in Denver in 1916. Her philosophy was simple, “to provide the opportunity for all who wished to learn.” The Opportunity School literally opened doors for adults of all ages and races to learn new skills, and chart their course to vastly improved lives.

Join Denver Post Community and help celebrate Emily’s life and legacy at The Party of The Century, a speakeasy themed party on Friday, February 12, at History Colorado Center. Curious Theater will perform a theatrical play covering her life and legacy.

For information on The Party of The Century and other yearlong events, click here.